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REVEAL International is a prophetic movement that believes in authentic encounters with Jesus, bringing heaven on earth. In this first episode, of the Prophetic Roundtable, Denise J Goulet (REVEAL Intl), Wayne Lee (The Storehouse), Jennifer Lee (The Storehouse), Larry Saylor and Crystal Saylor (The Ramp) each discuss the prophetic movement with moments that have impacted their lives and past revivals that have stirred the earth. Check out this discussion to hear how different prophetic streams are coming together to make Jesus' name great and see God's glory manifest on this earth.



This series, Conversations, is a fun project that allows authentic conversations with leaders in the faith and key prophetic voices for the current generation and generations to come. We hope you glean as much as we did from the wisdom and insight these conversations reveal about the kingdom, God's timing and aligning ourselves in this hour. 

The power of the prophetic is life changing, penetrating and transforming to anyone that encounters the Lord's written word, rhema word or prophetic voices in the current times we are living in. The Bible says to desire the spiritual gifts, but especially to prophesy. Prophecy is a gift and it's accessible to anyone that desires to hear God's voice. Denise Goulet goes through in depth teachings on the prophetic, how to identify the language of God and how to bring application to your own life. This class will help you learn, grow and apply this to your own life and those around you!

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