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Mastering the Art of Even-Odd Betting in Football: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's online football betting, players are offered a variety of betting options to explore. Among these, one of the favorites among betting enthusiasts is the even-odd bet. So, what exactly is the even-odd bet? How does one play the even-odd bet in football? Right now, let's delve into the details of even-odd bets with football tips saturday  to equip yourself for better betting decisions.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Even-Odd Bet

  • Guide to Playing Even-Odd Bet in Football

Understanding Even-Odd Bet

Understanding what even-odd bet entails might be common knowledge among seasoned football bettors. However, for those new to football betting, it can be simplified as a supplementary type of bet in football wagering.

What is an Even-Odd Bet?

The concept of an even-odd bet revolves around predicting the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. Players who opt for even-odd bets predict and wager on whether the total number of goals will be an even or odd number. Specifically:

  • If a player predicts that the total number of goals scored will be even, such as 0, 2, 4, 6, etc., they bet on the "Even" option, often represented as "E."

  • Conversely, if a player believes the total number of goals will be odd, such as 1, 3, 5, etc., they place their bet on the "Odd" option, typically indicated as "O" on the bookmaker's betting board.

At the conclusion of the match, if the result aligns with the player's prediction, they emerge victorious, and the bookmaker pays out according to the agreed-upon odds. 

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Additionally, the even-odd bet is applicable in various scenarios:

  • Full match betting

  • First-half betting

  • Second-half betting

Moreover, bookmakers nowadays offer various other types of even-odd bets, such as:

  • Odd/Odd: Betting on both teams scoring an odd number of goals.

  • Odd/Even: Betting on one team scoring an odd number of goals while the other scores an even number.

  • Even/Odd: Betting on one team scoring an even number of goals while the other scores an odd number.

  • Even-odd bets regarding the number of yellow cards.

  • Even-odd bets regarding the number of corner kicks.

Guide to Playing Even-Odd Bet in Football

Understanding the concept of even-odd bets provides a foundation for grasping how to play them effectively. However, to bolster your confidence in betting, follow this guide:

Placing Even-Odd Bets in Football

Firstly, to partake in even-odd bets in football, you need to have a registered account with an online sports betting platform. With the thriving sports betting market in Vietnam, finding an ideal platform is a breeze. For instance, you can engage in betting at BOG8online. Simply access and sign up as a member.

Once you have a verified account with a reputable sports betting platform, proceed to log in and deposit funds into your account.

Next, navigate to the sports betting section of the platform. Here, you can freely place even-odd bets on your favorite matches. It's as simple as choosing between "Even" or "Odd." Each bookmaker provides varying odds. For example, betting on an even-odd match between Real Madrid and Leganes.

  • Full match bet: If the total number of goals at the end of the match is odd, you win; otherwise, you lose.

  • Similarly, when betting on each half separately, if the number of goals at the end of each half aligns with your prediction, you win; otherwise, you lose.

Calculating Winnings in Even-Odd Football Betting

As a bettor, it's crucial not only to understand what even-odd bets entail but also to know how to calculate winnings.

It's simple! To calculate winnings in even-odd football betting, apply the following formula:

Winnings = Even-Odd Odds x Bet Amount

You should note that this winning calculation formula applies to all forms of even-odd bets, including:

  • Full match betting

  • First-half betting

  • Second-half betting

For instance, suppose you're analyzing a match between Japan and Vietnam. The bookmaker's odds for even-odd bets are set at 0.95. If you place a 100K bet on the even outcome and the match ends with Japan defeating Vietnam by 2 goals, your winnings would be: 100 x 0.95 = 95K.

Expertise in Even-Odd Betting

Even-odd betting appears straightforward with a 50/50 win ratio. However, in reality, many bettors experience consecutive losses due to a lack of experience and effective strategies. As a bettor, it's essential to proactively seek advice to improve your even-odd betting game. Here are some insider tips for you:

Basing Bets on Head-to-Head History

According to professional football bettors, the head-to-head history is a criterion you can rely on to place even-odd bets. Therefore, before committing to a bet on any match, conduct thorough research. Check how the two teams have fared in recent encounters.

Specifically, according to seasoned bettors, you should analyze the results of the latest five head-to-head matches. This timeframe provides adequate data for accurate assessment and informed betting decisions. Here's what you should consider:

  • If the head-to-head history indicates a consistently even contest between the two teams, prioritize betting on the "Even" outcome.

  • If the head-to-head history shows that the results often differ by one goal, opt for the "Odd" option.

Betting Based on Current Form

When you lack extensive experience in even-odd football betting, rely on the teams' current form as a criterion. Before placing a bet, invest time in researching detailed information about the teams' recent performances. Evaluate factors such as:

  • Number of wins

  • Number of losses

  • Goals scored

  • Goals conceded

  • And more...

Generally, current form reflects a team's true caliber. Through this assessment, you can make even-odd bets with higher winning probabilities. As shared by professional bettors:

  • If two prominent teams exhibit good form with equivalent skill levels, matches are likely to have fewer goals. The scoreline tends to be close. In such cases, betting on "Even" results in higher win rates.

  • If there's a significant gap in skill level and form between the two teams, more goals are expected. In such scenarios, opting for "Odd" leads to higher win rates.

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Limiting Risks with Small Bets

While engaging in even-odd betting, especially for novices, it's advisable to start with small bet amounts. Gradually, you'll accumulate experience and effective strategies for successful even-odd betting. Consequently, you can increase your bet amounts to claim larger rewards.

Starting with Small Wagers

By now, armed with this comprehensive guide, you likely have a clear understanding of what even-odd bets entail and how to play them. However, if you're eager to dive into betting today, don't forget to incorporate these even-odd betting insights. Moreover, remember that even-odd betting carries a 50% risk, so refrain from excessive greed. As a bettor, stay vigilant and know when to stop.


Even-odd betting in football offers an engaging and potentially rewarding experience for enthusiasts. By understanding the fundamentals of even-odd bets and employing effective strategies, you can enhance your chances of success in football betting. So, leverage the insights provided here and embark on your even-odd betting journey with confidence. Happy betting!


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