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Orchestral Tools €? Berlin Harpsichords (KONTAKT) Fixed

This is the second Spitfire product on this list, but the libraries are so fantastic we had to include all of them!The BBC Symphonic is one of the most stunning orchestral strings libraries around, recorded in partnership with BBC Studios and the BBC Symphony Orchestra, this prestigious and comprehensive instrument will equip a composer for life.With 99 players, 57 instruments, 468 articulations and techniques, and 20 signals including 11 mic positions, this is a staggering string VST that promises some of the best sounding and most adaptable sound sets to date.Designed as a universal toolkit for composers of all levels, the Spitfire BBC Symphonic is split into 3 editions: Discover, Core, and Professional. Each edition is successively more comprehensive, with Professional being the most featured and extensive pack.The number of signals and mic positions make this an incredibly professional and workable instrument, that can be configured to create the perfect sounding string performance. The signals include Close, Tree, Ambient, Outliers, Mono, Leader, Close Wides, Balcony, Sides, and Atmos for Dolby Atmos systems. The tools given to choose and blend between these mic placements are very fluid and customizable. This is one of the best vst strings around.

Orchestral Tools – Berlin Harpsichords (KONTAKT)


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