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Mti And Pulsed Doppler Radar With Matlab 4 11

For a fully coherent radar with digital receiver and monopulse processing, the MTI system is somewhat more complex than with pseudo-coherent radar devices. It is no longer just a Moving Target Indication (MTI) but a Moving Target Detector (MTD), a recognition of moving targets. The difference is that MTD can also recognize targets as moveable that are not currently moving.

mti and pulsed doppler radar with matlab 4 11


Practical Moving Target Detectors with a fully-coherent radar equipped with monopulse processing involve a Doppler filter bank. The I and Q output from the phase-sensitive analog/digital converter (ADC) are fed to a filter bank which can either be implemented in a Fast Fourier Transformation or in a bank of transversal filters. The output of the filters is followed by frequency-domain weighting to reduce filter sidelobe levels, and the magnitude of the output in each spectral band is computed. It will also be appreciated that the Doppler filters are inherently performing the process of coherent integration. All Doppler filters shown in Figure 1 are similiar and work to as a band-pass filter.


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