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Where To Buy Witches Brew Wine

These spellbinding spiced wines are guaranteed to scare even the worst witches! This special brew is perfect for any spooky activity! To elevate your party, serve spicy red wine warm from a crockpot and garnish with cinnamon sticks!

where to buy witches brew wine

The Witches Brew is a full-service brew shop for all your home wine, beer, and soda making needs. We have a full range of supplies that you can use to make your own beer, wine, and specialty drinks. We also stock pre-packaged beer and wine kits, specialty grains, yeasts, and other key ingredients.

If you have never brewed before come by during our regular store hours and our knowledgeable staff (and regular customers) will be glad to help you in any way they can. You can even try some free samples of the wines and beers and if you like them, we can teach you how to make them at home.

Thankfully, for those who might fancy a spooky brew year round, all three of the Witches Brew line are available in any month on the calendar. And if you're looking to avoid some common mistakes when making your own mulled wine, you can just grab a bottle off the shelf at your local Trader Joe's, heat, and enjoy.

No Halloween is complete without a themed beverage, and this year it was time for a black one. Sangria is so easy and simple to make, this black sangria even easier. To give it that deep color, smash up blackberries to release their juices and use a dark wine as the base (I used Apothic Dark). Then just mix it with black grapes, more blackberries, and some black sliced plums. Oh and of course a little cranberry juice, sprite for the bubbles, and a touch of brandy. Witches brew is in business!

SO! The moral of the story is make Halloween witches brew black sangria because you need it in your life, parents and friends are amazing, autumn is the best, and don't be afraid to ask for help. It might just save your Friday afternoon, at the very least ?. 041b061a72


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